Orange Mobile for a Small Pop of Color in Any Room - Vine Style

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Skysetter Art Mobiles are the perfect enhancement to any room. They bring a sense of wonder and curiosity to any space. Some are made to hug the ceiling (20 inches tall or less) making a small space like an apartment or loft seem roomier, bigger somehow. Others are perfect for the entryway or stairway. I have seen many hang over the island in a kitchen and in the corner of the dining room as a conversation piece. Dentist and Doctors offices benefit from the calming effect the mobile provides both in the waiting and examining rooms. But no matter where you hang one rest assured you will find many peaceful moments while looking at them. They distract and sometimes seem almost hypnotic in movement. Staring at one is like daydreaming on purpose. Perfect to help calm the stressful moments in your life. They are not just for the nursery or playroom, they are for everyone!

Art Mobile - Vine Style by Carolyn Weir of Skysetter Designs - Ships in approx 3 to 5 days

Approx Measurements - 18" wide x 16" tall - Needs a space at lest 21 inches wide to move freely! The components are the thickness of two credit cards on edge to keep the sculpture light and moving in very soft air currents. The components are created with flexible acrylic plastic material. Extremely light, cleaning friendly, and made to last and last. They can be placed in higher moisture areas like your porch, patio, or bathroom. But, like a fine sculpture, it should not be kept in direct sunlight or within reach of a sweet baby's hands.