Art Mobile For Low Ceiling USA or Sun Room - Amoeba 1 Style Modern Kinetic Sculpture New for 2021

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Amoeba 1 style mobile is unique and interesting. Mobile art for low ceilings by Carolyn Weir of Skysetter Designs

  • This mobile is made to order - you order it and I'll make it!
  • This is great for anyone with lower ceilings.
  •  Approx Measurements - 24" wide x 19" tall - Needs a space at least 30 inches wide to move freely! The components are a semi-rigid plastic material the thickness of one credit card on edge to keep the sculpture light and moving in very soft air currents. (There must be some air flow in a room for a mobile to move).
  •  Made for indoor exhibit only
  •  Individual components range in size from 1.75" to 6” wide.