Mobile Geometric Style Large Pieces USA Small Footprint Kinetic Sculpture for Nursery or Playroom

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Large pieces on a small frame makes a great impact for this geometric style Mobile. Great for a classroom, math department, nursery, or playroom Made to order - Ships in about 3 to 5 business days

MEASUREMENTS: Measures approx 16" wide x 30" tall - components range in size from 1.75" wide to 5.75" wide.

CONSTRUCTION: Created with a semi-rigid plastic material about the thickness of a credit card. I use this material to keep your sculpture light and moving with the soft air currents of your home or business. Want it to move a little more? Place it a few feet away from an air conditioning vent or ceiling fan. Stainless steel rods and a ball bearing swivel complete the construction.

SHIPPING: Ships via US Postal Service Priority Mail and is insured.