Color Burst Hanging Mobile Large Sculpture

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Large Art Mobile Handcrafted for the Art Lover or Artistic Home or Office. READY TO SHIP

Measurements: 47 tall x 45 wide. Components range in size from 2" square to 6" at their widest point.

Construction: Constructed with original acrylic and acrylic collage paintings on 100% cotton rag museum grade watercolor paper. Three sheets of the watercolor paper are bonded together through a vise press system with acrylic polymers, pressing the polymers into the paper to make it rigid and durable. The components are sealed with a museum grade UVLS polymer sealer to ensure this mobile sculpture will last for decades if not centuries. This construction process was developed to keep the mobile lightweight and moving in the softest air currents while maintaining a high quality construction. Only high quality paints, papers and polymers were used in the construction. Stainless steel rods and a ball bearing swivel complete the construction of this sculpture.

Shipping - Ready to ship next business day if ordered by 5pm cst! Ships anywhere in the world via USPS Priority Mail and is insured.

Can I make a custom mobile for you? Happy to do it! Send me a message!