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Copper Mobile Art - Rain Style Hammered Metal Mobile- Hanging Mobile Kinetic Artistic Sculpture in Joy Style - Ready to Ship

The approximate measurements are - 24 inches wide, 32 inches tall from hook to bottom component. It needs at least a wide space to move freely. The components range in size from 2" x 1.5" to 3" x 2".

Accent your decor with this handcrafted stylish kinetic mobile sculpture. This beautiful mobile was created with light weight hand worked copper components so it moves with minimal effort. The movement is calming, peaceful and relaxing making it a perfect item for a stressful home.

You can hang this in your home as a unique piece of art. But keep in mind that just like a fine painting, this is a visual sculpture and not a toy. These sculptures should not be hung within reach of a baby or child. You can hang it on your porch but it should not be unprotected outside. It is made with lightweight copper elements so that it moves effortlessly inside your home. (There must be some air flow in a room for a mobile to move). The copper has been sealed with renaissance wax, the same material used by museums to protect copper and metal artifacts. This piece should not patina and should retain its glossy luster for a long time.

Thank you for looking and I hope you find my work interesting! Tell me what you think!

Carolyn Weir
Skysetter Designs

Custom Orders Gratefully Welcomed :-) Really! I love this work so much that it would be a shame to charge you more for doing what I love!

Thanks to the Mississippi Arts Commission for making the continuation of my work and progression of my artistic development flourish with their approval of a number of mini-grants in the last few years!! I am very grateful!