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Natchez Biglane Smoke Tower


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Natchez Biglane Smoke Tower today is a small brick cylinder with a beautiful crepe myrtle planted in it.  The smoke tower was a brick smoke tower that was monumental but had to be taken down in the early 2000’s due to instability.  It was originally part of the Natchez Box Company Factory.  I love a scene where the Mississippi River Bridge peeks through the trees and has botanical opportunities.  This painting gave me lots of trouble as I’ve never painted a crepe myrtle and I will need to practice more to get the hang of this beautiful tree.  I love a good puzzle but this one was a hard puzzle.  Is it solved?  Nope, the puzzle is not solved, only explored for future resolution.

9x12 acrylic on hardboard panel.  Unframed

Prints available on Saatchi Art Gallery here  https://www.saatchiart.com/art/Painting-Natchez-Biglane-Smoke-Tower/663596/7837647/view