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Hanging Mobile Mid Century Modern Rainbow in Serenity Style for Home or Office

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Modern Art Mobile for the Nursery, playroom or classroom in serenity style . Created by Carolyn Weir of Skysetter Designs - You order it, I make it! From hook to bottom of mobile is only 18 inches! 

APPROX MEASUREMENTS - 28" wide x 18" tall - Needs a space at lest 35 inches wide to move freely! The components are the thickness of one credit card on edge to keep the sculpture light and moving in very soft air currents.

The components are created with a flexible acrylic molded plastic material, very similar to the thin cutting boards you find in the housewares section of your favorite department store. Extremely light, cleaning friendly, and made to last and last. This new line of solid color sculptures can be placed in higher moisture areas like your porch, patio, or bathroom. But, like a fine sculpture, it should not be kept in direct sunlight or within reach of a sweet baby's hands. Individual components range in size from 3" x 1.5" to 4" x 2". Circle is 2.5"

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Thanks to the Mississippi Arts Commission for making the continuation of my work and progression of my artistic development flourish with their approval of a mini-grant in 2010, 2011 and 2013! I am very grateful!

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