Mobile For Lower Ceiling or Loft Serenity Style in Black Modern Mobile Kinetic Sculpture


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Just Perfect!

Have always had a love of Alexander Calder and his mobiles and when it came time to get a mobile to go above a baby’s crib I knew I wanted something designed along those lines - and these mobiles hit the mark! It is well-constructed from lightweight yet structural materials and moves wonderfully with the slightest air flow. Baby is mesmerized by it and I love to watch it move - so perfect all around!

Brother Bob
Mobiles are magical

It's beautiful, it's magical, it will be a treasured gift. The custom colors we requested are perfect in their placement and combination. The shipment packaging is wonderful with each arm taped to a cardboard with foam spacers between the sheets to ensure nothing is injured in transit. We ordered 6 different styles on Sunday 11/21, Carolyn responded that afternoon from an art festival, then kept us updated on her production schedule with an expected shipment date of 12/8 - 12/10, but then she got them done even quicker and all 6 were here together on 12/9. The many designs of her mobiles allowed us give presents that are "the same, only different" to match a style with each of our adult children's style and available space ranging from low ceilings to an 8 foot tall mobile for a 14 foot high great room. Of course, I got a mobile custom made for me.

ToddIrish on Dec 20, 2019 beautiful