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Art Mobiles In Stock Sculpture Dream Catcher Style Gift for Artist Mom Dad Grad Leaves

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Art mobile sculpture in Dream Catcher Style.  Great gift for Artist.  If a Mobile and a Dream Catcher had a baby it might look like this mobile sculpture.

* Approx. Measurements - 29” Tall x 13” Wide - Largest Components measure approx 3” at their widest points
* READY TO SHIP IN 1-2 DAYS - Ships via UPS Ground
* Ships fully assembled
* Lightweight - moves easily indoors with the air currents of a room - place about 4 ft away from an a/c vent, ceiling fan or heater
* Made for indoor exhibits only
* Constructed with original acrylic paintings on a basswood substrate about the thickness of a credit card that has been stiffened with acrylic polymers. All acrylic paints and polymers used are professional grade.
* Sealed with a non-yellowing professional grade acrylic sealer that resists UV rays
* NOT A TOY - This sculpture is for visual stimulation ONLY - Keep out of reach of little hands and paws
*Features stainless steel rods and a sealed ball bearing swivel

Handcrafted in the USA with USA sourced materials. Created by Carolyn Weir - Kinetic Sculpture Artist since 2009