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Modern Art Mobile Triangles 28 x 30 Hanging sculpture

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Art mobile modern organic custom one of a kind configuration in modern rainbow

* Hand Painted one of  kind kinetic mobile sculpture
* APPROX MEASUREMENTS - 28" wide x 30" tall - Needs a space at lest 30 inches wide to move freely! The components are the thickness of one credit card on edge to keep the sculpture light and moving in very soft air currents.
* Largest components measure approx 4” at their widest points
* Lightweight - moves easily indoors with the air currents of a room - place near a/c vent, ceiling fan or heater
* Made for indoor exhibits only
* Constructed with original acrylic paintings on 420LB acrylic/oil paper that has been stiffened with acrylic polymers.
* All acrylic paints and polymers used are museum grade.
* Sealed with a non-yellowing museum grade acrylic sealer that resists UV rays
* Like a fine sculpture, it should not be kept in direct sunlight or within reach of a sweet baby's hands.
* One of a kind original kinetic mobile sculpture