My New Studio Has Been Delivered

Ordered August 15, 2021 with a delivery date of December 15th (long wait), my new studio has finally arrived January 5th, 2022 (just a smidge late).  I currently have a small studio in downtown Natchez Mississippi but limitations prevented me from utilizing it fully.  I needed my studio to be near my welding equipment, my photo studio to be near my fabrication studio, and my fabrication studio to be near the paint shop.  Now it is!  I had planned to receive the new building December 15th and complete all of the interior work (electrical, insulation, walls, painting, etc) by January 5th in preparation of having a place to move my downtown studio.  But, as usual, COVID caused delays.  Oh well, here I am January 13th.   I just finished packing my downtown studio and moving it to the middle of my new studio building as well as moving my building materials in preparation of getting it all done.  I had a really cool trip planned for January 6 - 8th (more details soon) so couldn't hustle the building into readiness in time for the move.  I’ll be out of metal finishing commission for a few weeks while I get my scrap together and dress this studio for some serious work!  I’ve gotta get it done quick.  I might have a 4 metal mobile sculpture commission in the next couple weeks.  Can’t wait!

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