Space Style - Bold and Funky!

So!  I had a really sweet couple contact me last week.  They wanted a new mobile for their nursery!  As first time parents they are excited about getting everything just right.  Their exact request included, "we were hoping for something more bold/funky".  And, they sent me an artwork image they would like me to draw inspiration from.  So, I sat down with procreate for a number of hours (I'm still fumbling my way through the app) and found colors and shapes that made sense but the drawings just weren't giving me that bold and funky feeling.

When I create I usually start with colors and shapes.  I will cut them out, and as I build I hold a piece in the air and ask it, "Where do you want to go"?  So, after trying the drawing thing and failing, I decided to go back to my old "winging it" design process.  

TaDa!  Space Style is now a mobile sculpture I just love!  Lots of activity, including a horizontal section at the top for viewing from the changing table!


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