Adult Mobile For Low Ceiling Calypso Style Modern Kinetic

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All mobiles, except ready to ship, are made to order.
Mobiles under 30" ship in approx 8 business days.
Mobiles over 30" ship in approx 10 - 15 business days.

Adult Mobile For Low Ceiling Calypso Style Modern Kinetic.  Calypso mobile has tons of style and looks fabulous in any setting. Mobile art for low ceilings by Carolyn Weir of Skysetter Designs 

  • This mobile is made to order - you order it and I'll make it!
  • This is great for anyone with lower ceilings.
  • Approx Measurements - 27" wide x 21" tall - Needs a space at least 30 inches wide to move freely! The components are the thickness of one credit card on edge to keep the sculpture light and moving in very soft air currents. (There must be some air flow in a room for a mobile to move).
  • Made for indoor exhibit only
  • Individual components range in size from 1.75" to 4.5" wide.  Components are made with semi-rigid plastic
  • Ships in 8 business days.

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