IOC Calypso 8099 Natchez MS Charge on Your Credit Card FYI

Hi there!

It was recently brought to my attention that there is a company in Natchez posting their credit card payments to a company named Calypso 8099 Natchez MS.  After a brief google search the only Calypso you find in Natchez is a mobile made by Skysetter Designs.  I'm posting this page on the back end of my website to provide additional information for this charge.  

Lambuth's Quick Lube credit card payments post to a company named Calypso 8099.  There is also a franchise of Quick Lube locations that will post to IOC Calypso 8099.  How was this discovered?  I recently had an oil change done with Lambuths and found the same type of charge on my credit card.  Then I connected the dots.  

If you recently had your oil changed at Lambuth's quick lube or your local quick lube business and you have a credit card charge on your statement with the info Calypso 8099 on it you will find the amount should match the amount of your oil change.

The name should change in Summer 2022.  Here is an announcement from the parent company:

Skysetter Mobiles will be on your credit card statement if you purchased a mobile from our website, not Calypso 8099

Carolyn Weir
Skysetter Mobiles