Hanging Mobile Leaf Cottonwood Nursery Crib Art

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Hanging Mobile Leaf Cottonwood Crib Nursery Art - cute little mobile featuring horizontal and vertical pieces

See a similar mobile in motion on YouTube: https://youtu.be/7B-MoB61AfQ

APPROX MEASUREMENTS - 22" wide x 16" tall - Needs a space at least 25 inches wide to move freely!

* Lightweight - moves easily indoors with the air currents of a room - place near a/c vent, ceiling fan or heater
* Made for indoor exhibits only
* Constructed with semi-rigid plastic to keep the sculpture light
* Components are about the thickness of a credit card
* Sealed with a non-yellowing museum grade acrylic sealer that resists UV rays

Like a fine sculpture, it should not be kept in direct sunlight or within reach of a sweet baby's hands.