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Metal Mobile Art Stainless Steel Hanging Kinetic Sculpture


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Metal Mobile Art READY TO SHIP Stainless Steel Hanging Kinetic Sculpture - 26" wide x 30" tall - READY TO SHIP

Constructed with thin stainless steel sheet to keep it light and moving in soft air currents.  The component shapes have been welded to stainless steel rods.  This mobile series is stunning!  A holographic like design has been ground into the metal to provide a visual shift in dimension as the mobile moves.  Largest components measure approx 5” at their widest point.

This sculpture has been lightly flame painted to enhance the design.

Because this mobile is constructed with very thin metal caution must be taken when hanging.  It will be best to hang well out of reach to ensure no accidental cuts occur.  

Good lighting, like a spotlight, will enhance the visual enjoyment of this sculpture greatly and is recommended.